This post was started on November 23. WiFi connection has been iffy at best.  I hope to add images to posts, but today, I’ll be happy if this posts!

November 23 – It has been 3 weeks since we filled the truck with the last of our “bring to the boat” belongings.  We left a load for Opportunity House to pick up, sold a few last bits of furniture and made our way south to our first destination, the boat. 

It has been just over a year since we made the decision to turn our five-year plan to move onto a boat into a four-year plan – and we were beginning year four.  

I could go back in time and give other milestones, but you get the idea.  We all know that while days may be long, weeks, and years fly by.  

Over the past year, we managed to both renovate and empty our beautiful home.  We both continued to work full-time (or full-time plus in the case of my non-profit life) until just before we left, my last day was 6 weeks before we cast off, Steve continues to work part-time as internet connection allows.

So many people ask how we managed to sell 95% of our belongings.  I’d like to give sage advice about taking pictures, holding objects you love and sending them with love into the universe, but truly, I stunk at this task.  It was 2 years of fits and bursts of purging, rehoming, selling and just shoving into a box and not looking back.  It was as hard as you imagine it to be.  You just have to do it.  I cried when I threw away my mother’s sewing box.  It wasn’t even useful on land (it would break open if you picked it up, they pretty vinyl was faded, stained and chipping off…), but it was a tangible connection with her.  I cried when the “For Sale” sign went up. I cried when I was overwhelmed with everything and the crazy timeline we had.  In the end, it was late nights and hard decisions, but now that is done.

We left our house on Saturday morning, the truck full with the last of our belongings and the hundreds of dollars’ worth of food that I purchased and/or prepared for the trip.  We moved on the boat, carefully trying to keep track of which locker held which treasures, I have lists and spreadsheets, and numbered lockers. I will conquer this!  Sunday and Monday were spent on last-minute errands, the fresh provisions, the booze run, and finishing up boat projects.  By Monday evening, we were starting to “just put that in any locker, we’ll clean up and organize in the Bahamas.”  So here we are in the Bahamas, we didn’t lose too much to the lack of organization, but I have a feeling that I will be finding boxes of wine at random times throughout the year.  

It has been a long journey to get us here, but it seems like just yesterday we were learning how to sail. The next six months will likely fly by as the last 6 months or maybe it won’t. Each day will bring a new experience, whether it be learning island ways, laundry in paradise, or sailing across azure seas.  I look forward to seeing how the days unfurl and open before us with 700 (or so) islands to visit, I’m hoping that time stands still.

Note: Dec 3.  I can’t believe that it is December, and have been here 2 weeks already!

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